Myndir af hjólunum mínum/ Pics of my bikes

NSU riders view

NSU Spezial Max 250 1956 One of my bikes now

G-688 the original licence plate after almost 60 years NSU 1956

Suzuki GT550 Indy I had. Restored from almost certain death by Bjorn Benediktsson I´ve had three of those and one GT 380

A 1978 Suzuki GS750E Started the restoring, and then Bjorn Benediktsson finished the job, and a great bit more A true perfectionist Dr. Bjössi I had a 1976 GS 750 that had been chopped. I don´t know what happened to that one. I think it was thrown away.

The Suzuki when I got it. Noisy but nice

Malaguti Motorik 1972 This is as it was when I´ve got it. It has now been torn apart and made ready for sandblasting.

This is how I am going to make it look. Dark blue is my chosen color to make it look like the Malaguti bike of my late friend from Seyðisfjorður, the artist Ásgeir Emilsson. The spare parts are coming in one by one. Lovely little bike

A Malaguti Brochure ( Yes I collect them too)

Husqvarna Novolette I rode this one quite a bit Now owned by Dr.

A Sears Mini-Bike I bought from the U.S. Ambassadors son for few bucks What a powerhorse 5 hp and fairly dangerous The brake worked directly on the rear tyre.

One of my first bikes was a Tempo Lett I had two of those, the other a bit different. identical to this one but way better looking. I did not worry about small, useless things like brakes, so it ended on a garden stonewall. Helmet?????? Too expensive. But a fairly fast bike

Ég hef verið með mótorhjóladellu frá því að ég man eftir mér. Ég eignaðist fyrsta hjólið 11 ára Tempo Lett 1957, og síðan hef ég átt meira en áttatíu hjól af ýmsum tegundum, og mörgum óvenjulegum, t.d. Mobylette Speciale TT, MZ, og margt fleira.

Picture of my bikes or if there are no available pics, then I add a pic of a similar bike and a note where I got the picture.